When Needles are Like Paint Brushes

Just couldn't wait to share some fantastic Fiber Art we saw last week.
This artistic genre is a first for this blog as I do not do needlework, embroidery, stitching, felting,
quilting...all those beautiful pieces of art created by nimble fingers holding a slender needle threaded  with
gorgeous threads and yarn.
I admire you who do this.
We attended FiberArt International  2013 showing at the 
Myrtle Beach Art Museum. 
It is a curated show featuring 37 works by established and emerging artists from across the world. The goal of the exhibition is to include innovative work rooted in traditional fiber materials, processes and history. 
There wasn't a single piece that wasn't unique and breathtaking.
Today I will share one.
First I must mention that all photos were taken with my camera phone and in difficult lighting situations.  The photo quality doesn't do justice to the beauty of this piece.
Peace on Earth..
This piece is very large and full of little stories.  Every inch has something to say.

Where does your imagination take you....as we peek around this "tapestry?"

Doesn't this piece bring joy into your heart?
The richness of TEXTURE, COLOR, IMAGINATION, STORY TELLING: I would love to meet the artist. 
I was happy all day after viewing it.

There is actually a little side story: we were viewing this exhibit along with half a dozen mature women, obviously a gathering of friends, wearing purple jackets and red hats!!!!
So fun!

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  1. While I have tried my hand at some of the fiber arts over the years, I too greatly admire work such as this - with its breadth of imagination and creativity. Thanks for sharing!


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