Garden Sculptures

What an amazing, exhilarating, fun-loving three weeks we have had with our adult kids and 11 grand-kiddies.
Sun Up--Sun  Down we amazed ourselves with all
that there is to do, learn and explore whether paired off or in one huge moving mass of energy.
It has been fun to review the photos we have all taken with our various cameras.  
I decided to choose something calm....a beautiful, inviting botanical garden in Asheville, NC. 

I was impressed with the workmanship and uniqueness of the sculptures created from many substrates.

Sculpture enhances a garden when well placed and chosen.
It is a bit like the perfect pair of shoes or handbag to go with your best outfit.  It simply adds to the entire over all appearance and environment. 
These are my three favorite sculptures, for their placement and uniqueness. They enhance the visual experience.

I was very happy with my  SOOC camera shots but decided to add a delicate texture to each.

Kim is offering a free Lightroom course demonstrating the use of the Library for organizing photos. 
You need only to sign up.  I did. It was great!  Thank you Kim for your generosity. 


  1. Sharon, everything you post just makes me so happy and reminds me to look at things in a new way. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Lovely photos and very interesting sculptures... they do add so nicely to the garden!

  3. What a lovely, sunny, cheerful garden! Those yellows are so summery. You must have been very busy with 11 grandchildren! I have 4 and they are lively and fun :)

  4. I agree-these sculptures are gorgeous and add a wonderful touch of whimsy to the garden surroundings. Glad you had such a great trip with the entire family.


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