Moments of Still-ness

Moments of Still-ness a honey-sweet blessing when mixed with a full cup of Busy-ness.
And ├╝ber busy would describe our summer.
It is good.
I am grateful.
Entering my life for the past two days have been welcomed moments of quiet, reserve, Still-ness and reflection. This I was waiting for, this I needed.

What "stills" my heart:

Discovering a new flower that looks like a split-petal daisy.  

The wonder on a child's face in her own moment of Still-ness.

While walking discovering a huge, red mushroom. It perched like a ruby red jewel from deep in the earth.

Ripe pears with creamy brie and crackers.

Turtle-Turtle, a tiny two inch box turtle found on our patio. 
Did she drop from the sky?
Quiet fun, naming her, pondering where she came from.

For me the beauty of Still-ness comes with slowing down enough to really SEE and FEEL the little 
tender mercies around me. 

iphone photos-unedited


  1. Special quiet moments captured! Love the child smelling the flowers, and the neat old wire basket filled with fruit! Lovely!

  2. I miss you. A lot. I was reading the Sark book you gave me the other day and of course it reminded me of you. You are a special influence in my
    Life and I am grateful to know you. Much love, Tiffany :)

  3. It's amazing what we can find when we just take the time to look around us and enjoy those special moments. Wonderful images!

  4. Yes, how we all need those moments of stillness.

  5. What lovely images and you have truly provided a reminder of the still moments surrounding us even in the din of a busy life!

  6. Oh my that little one looking at the sunflower.

  7. Such beautiful images, each one so unique and meaningful in it's own way.


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