Romantic Seashells

Think upon the life of a seashell....
......its uniqueness of design, shape, color and dimension...
..... its life and occupants...
..... its petrified history...
...... each day as an amazing journey...

Wait, WE are no different.
Except that WE, you and I,  know Love, Compassion and Wisdom.

Sharing a few recent pencil, pen, watercolor sketches that have a similar feeling.

1. Cherish/Soft Light   2.  Dream It/Soft Light; Organic/Soft Light  3.  Book Rest/gray filter--
Kim's Textures


  1. Beautiful! You images have such a sense of freedom and joy - capturing the essence of the beach in the minimum of color and line.

  2. Beautiful images, Sharon. I agree with Brenda about your sketches - I am in awe of your talent! I love rocks with lines in them, too. I used to collect them and like to find ones that look like letters so I can spell out words.

  3. Sharon, these are all so beautiful. I love objects from the sea.

  4. Great photos and fantastic sketches. Wonderful.


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