The Slowing of Summer


The summer Fruit and Vegetable Stands have been without equal.  We have several right by our home, each a bit different.
We have never indulged in so many watermelons as we have this past summer.  On Sunday we ate, perhaps our last for the season, a sweet sun-ripened miniature watermelon.
Cantaloupes weren't as plentiful, but what we had were yummy.  
A nice change from the watermelon we consumed...and easier to cut!
Of course, mounds of strawberries, red grapes and raspberries are always tempting us.

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This week the air feels different. Last night we had a storm of all storms...zinging lightening that never stopped, thunder that shook up the pups and adults, pelting rain that I thought would come straight THROUGH the roof. 

We stood under the shelter of the porch and marveled at the display of nature's wrath: after we turned off all electronics and lit candles!!! 

Stealthily sneaking in are the autumn colors edging their way into the thickly leafed branches, an abundance of peaches and ripe tomatoes are sitting center-stage.
Next will come the hearty squash, pumpkins, beets and carrots. 

Down the road from our the women who work here..they place everything with an artistic eye.

Fruit and Vegetable Stands are 
for the Soul
Bon App├ętit


  1. Sharon, I don't know which I like better, your photos or your paintings. In both cases, the vivid, singing colors make me happy. Whenever we have a storm, I sort of wish the power might go out for a little while. I don't know why I never thought of simply turning everything off and lighting candles just for the pleasure of it. You can be sure I will next time! I'm going to set some out now so I will remember.

  2. Isn't that the truth - eye candy for the soul! Beautiful combination of images and paintings which capture with exquisite beauty these joys of summer.

  3. Neat post and your work is gorgeous! Visiting from Friday Finds.


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