My Love Affair with Sunflowers

Of all the flowers I have painted over the years, the Sunflower wins hands down as my favorite. Why is this so?  The Sunflower shows stalwart strength yet vulnerable flexibility. She stands vertical..tall..adding contrast against the turquoise sky. She stands strong and capable to weather the winds and storms of life living raw and fully open.  

The Sunflower is maternal a provider of life, generous: offering nourishment to the many birds and animals that are drawn to her nourishing seed; snacks for we humans..raw or toasty and salted. The Sunflower shares her abundance with a gracious heart.

The Sunflower is beautiful in all her stages of development: as she unfurls her buds; is in full-open spectacular splendor; or naturally drying, curling, withering as she ages. Her life span is long, each living phase building on itself, becoming more and more unique.  

The Sunflower shares the painters' dream: expressive petals and leaves that curve and tangle; rich, deep, radiant colors of cadmium yellow, cadmium yellow- orange, orange, burnt sienna, bronze, red, deep greens. Her colors are intense like the lowering Sun at Sunset, thick, heavy with impasto stroke work.  The Sunflower reminds me of different cultures, each variety having its own strengths, lessons and values.

Painting the Sunflower in its many varieties, sizes and colors makes me happy, content and feeling like I am using my time wisely.   

SUNFLOWER, the very name makes me SMILE.  Sharon


  1. What a gorgeous ode to sunflowers - both in your word poetry and your delightful paintings. You capture the many faces of these happy flowers.

  2. These are so beautiful, Sharon, both the paintings and the photos. Vivid and bursting with life! It's so dark here today that I need the lights on to navigate my way around my apartment. Thank you for bringing some bright sun(flower)shine to my world!


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