Whenever and Wherever there is a Market, it is a FUN DAY!
Sharing a few pictures from our trip to one of three
 local markets, a few Saturdays ago.   
Have you noticed when walking through the overflowing stalls with its pyramids of fruit and veggies, tilting crates and baskets, dodging people with colorful plastic bags overflowing, lingering to touch and smell: if we look up one immediately notices that everyone has a smile on their face!!
Open markets just bring out happiness...(unless your child knocks down a crate of oranges) and joy. 

A bit of our to us herbs to try, fingerling potatoes..and beautiful yellow blossoms.
No spilled oranges, but strawberries will do.  
Pretty gorgeous, even more luscious...not a sad berry in the bowl.
One elegant bloom, actually potted lily, heads up ready for her photograph.

No kidding, these  delicious temptings are straight from the market.  One glistening glass case filled with authentic French pastries, one distinguished baker, accent and all, tempting us with little complementary nibbles.    

It was a Fun Day.
Next post: exotic, foreign market finds.  


  1. That does look like a fun day! I like that lily...very unusual. It's good to see you - I hope you're having a good summer.

  2. Yum! I can smell and taste each image. Smiles all around.


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