Down the road from our home is an Asian Market.
It is a treasure trove of spices, sauces, live fish, 
exotic fruit
 and interesting shaped vegetables, fun ceramics, Japanese candy,

 Lucky Bamboo, 
rice cookers, rice crackers and rice by the barrel full.

Boiled, tea-dyed eggs, wabi-sabi style.
There is nothing not to like.  I even love the fact that the ladies at the check out counter speak very little English! They wrap everything carefully, smile, and use hand signs. 
Oh, they just hired a very young girl who does speak English.
She looked a little overwhelmed trying to learn everything.

Lining one side of the store is an amazing bakery, full of savory and sweet delights.  I am hooked on their bread pudding, egg custard tarts,
and Moon cakes.
There is MORE: a dedicated area with cheesy laminate tables and red plastic chairs, where one can sit and dine on their daily specials.
From high hooks hang sweet crunchy-skinned ducks.
They cook every thing on the premises. We can watch six or so  men, speaking fast Mandarin while working those sharp knives filet a fish or cook "caldrons" of noodles and rice.
Imagine hanging duck next to a Moon Pie!!
And since half of their fish are alive, fighting their way around crowded fish tanks, just choose one, they fish it out, _______ then offer to cook it in the kitchen.  I prefer to buy their fish neatly arranged on beds of ice...and not moving, thank you.
A few months ago, our granddaughter flew from the west to spend some time with us here in the south.
She was totally eager to experience the store. She tried anything and everything. 
She even mastered chopsticks.

Smiling Buddhas and Waving Cats bring a smile to our faces as we leave with our bags of yummy foods to eat.
Thank you for coming along for a little tour of one of our favorites places to shop, dine and buy Lucky Bamboo.
Love having you with us.