After a super hot hot hot summer, we are gently edging into autumn.  This brief time is when many of us "fall in love" with rust, orange, scarlet, ochre, vermilion, aubergine and rusted greens.
After all of our sahara-like heat, rain has made her entrance.  
Isn't it amazing how rain, with its drips, drops and splashes, creates a new palette of colors, a new way of seeing.  
On Instagram a few days ago, there was a photo of a woman holding fresh pulled beets from her garden.
The beets were without blemish an intense Chinese red.
Curious, I wrote asking what type of beet they were.  
She nicely replied, I just washed them under the hose.
Duh !
(All I can say is that when I wash beets, under water and with a scrubby brush, they are a dull maroon.)  
Water does change our perception of color, shape and mood.
 Vietnam: five months ago.
Rain Rain Rain...and one of those super soggy rain days found us in a small bus being driven through the many miles of coastal vistas, sharp curves, villages, people on foot, motorcycle or bicycle, fishermen throwing their serpent shaped nets out to sea...
Gosh, I thought, why is it raining right now on this day? I want to see everything. 
Leo Tolstoy suggested,"If you want to be happy, BE."
So happy I was going to BE. Putting my camera tight to the window, rivulets of rain poured down obscuring, obliterating, my view.  
Or so I thought.