Santa Lucia Day

Santa Lucia
a very special family tradition that dates back
 before computers!!!!!!!!
It is such fun to know that our adult kids now share this tradition with their own "spin on  things" with their children.
Some will have Swedish Oven Pancakes with tons of berry jam and whipping cream.
Others will choose a daughter to wear the Santa Lucia crown of candles, walk around the house singing carols and end with a delicious breakfast.
I LOVE being linked generation to generation.
Santa Lucia (Ella and Lulu, helper)  

In Sweden the little boys and girls wear pastel colored gowns topped with cone shaped hats, carrying stars. The daughter, who is the chosen Lucia, is dressed in white and a wreath of garland, set with candles.

In past years I have posted a bit about this wonderful Swedish tradition. If you would like a peek back in time you can click here. There is even a recipe for Swedish Oven Pancakes.
Another fun posting when Funny Bunny Two-Two was small can be found here
Heart Thought:  in my heart, family traditions are the icing on the cake when it comes to raising a family. The cool thing is: I know that each and every one of you have special moments in your lives that you dearly revere. Wish I could listen to your stories. 

Have a great week.

smiles: sharon