Welcome to the World of Tim Burton !!
In Shanghai, China, no less.

And guess who was there to enjoy the colossal art of one of the most creative artists/filmmakers ever?
The Furner Family
(papa and "littlest" furner were absent)

Let us entertain you. 
Mama  Sarah and her young one's spent the day meandering the "yellow brick road" through oddities, sculptures, drawings, murals and all sorts of non-sensical fun, that only Tim Burton can conceive.

Nothing is the "last of its kind" in Burton's mind, only the beginning of another adventure.  So lets follow along while four kids have the best day trip ever.

Where does the zaniness start?  Daydreaming, Mind-Drifting, Sketching, Paper, Pencil, Watercolors and OODLES of IMAGINATION.  I bet that some of the world's problems could be fixed with an imagination like his....
(original sketches)

From this mural do you recognize any emblems, themes, designs in his public works/films?

Hansel and Gretel never had it so good.

Next time your child scribbly-scrawls on your freshly washed walls, run for the plasticine and cover it for posterity.  One never knows where the next Tim Burton might come from. 

I do believe I will make sure the Grand-Kiddies have oodles of Play doh, air clay and paper clay to mess around with.  Anything goes, freeform style...with lots of doo-dads for interest.

Have you found a wall in your home to paint with blackboard paint? So much fun for kids and adults alike.  

Office supply stores carry clear plastic envelopes that you can clip to  a clipboard.  Insert a paper design, or just make up your own art with White Board Colored Markers.  Cheaper than white boards.  So much fun. 

Lots of potential Tim Burtons out there...young and old. 

The exhibit is several levels, hours of brain-tickling fun.
But what about something to just "hang around" on?

Now that is what I call "hanging on."  

Or sliding...

Need a new friend with "eye-appeal?"

Or maybe you are more into "group activities."

 ...visions of sugar plums danced in their heads....

By now the young explorers were ready to let their own imaginations burst forth just like Tim.

Been to your local art or science museum lately.  Total inspiration where ever we live.   Most have interactive areas for kids to play and play and play....while mom's check their phones for messages...Just Kidding.

Time to say goodbye to our Shanghai Imagination Explorers.  This has been a family outing  to share with Candy Grammy. 

Off to play with chopsticks and eat dim sum.
Now who will be the first to create a chopstick collage.

Loads of love and appreciation to Mama Sarah who lovingly shares all of their adventures with me via text, email and photos.  Aren't I fortunate? 

All photos by Mama-Sarah

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  1. What an awesome place - I bet they had a blast! But my favorite thing about this whole post is that "strong brave fearless creative" t-shirt. I want one of those!


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