Welcome 2017 !

Have you ever wondered aloud? Where have the years gone?  

This painting is in remembrance of my Grandmother Rhoda, enjoying an evening with one of her lady friends.
The ladies never went out in public without
 proper hats and cotton gloves. 
Luncheon dates were de rigueur. Chatting and gossiping, black coffee with cream and sugar, thin sliced spam on crackers. 
Tall ice cream floats, in the deep heat of summer.

The pièce de résistance was the  monthly ladies' bridge club. Bridge was played with concentrated seriousness.
Card tables were set up in the living room surrounded by chintz slip covered chairs. 
Delicate crystal dishes filled with pink mints, mingled with crisp new playing cards,
on the tatted ecru linen table cloth .

My mind is filled with memories. 
I miss my Grandma Rhoda. 
She lived a few months shy of 100.

Where do the Years Go? 

Are you ever overwhelmed by the fleeting essence of  TIME?

May your New Year be filled with warm friendships, harmonious family relationships, meaningful work, spontaneous fun, compassion for all, a time to nurture one's self and a sense of inward peace.

Smiles: Sharon


  1. The answer to your question is YES! I am nowhere near 100, but I recently had one of those birthdays that make me stop and think, "That's not possible. How did that happen?" It's wonderful that you have such distinct memories of your grandmother and her friends. Happy New Year to you, Sharon.


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