I wish I could feel and look this serene right now. I had such good intentions.
Hours ago I had determined to write a blog post. 
I even had an idea of what to share.
When I opened up Blogger, I discovered that MUCH HAD BEEN CHANGED !!!
And no one asked my opinion, or warned me.
Sweet simple Blogger became a maze of decisions and choices.
So here I sit HOURS later, yes HOURS.
Someone must have been feeling a bit sad for me, as things are sort of...well kinda...working out.
Not that I get "rattled" or anything, but for some reason I don't recall what I wanted to share. 
But I do think that sketchbooks was part of it.
You see, I have been lingering, loitering, loving my sketchbooks.
Tonight while I was hysterically lost in blog woes, some in this family needed to be fed.
I cajoled Mr. H. to prepare the corn-on-cob while I sliced up some pretty good looking tomatoes (and it isn't even summer.) 
Zippity-do  corn on the cob and tomato and bacon sandwiches with lots of mayonnaise.
But I digress.
A while back, I pulled out every book that had at least ONE sketch.  There were piles of books of every size and persuasion. Book shelves are now sagging!
I got pretty irritated with myself for not having more discipline and filling at least half of the pages of a book before moving on. 
But life doesn't work like that.  Probably for you, but not me.
It is time for an out loud commitment to fill at least one sketchbook this month.
Right now I Pinky Promise to fill in all of those blank sheets. 
No more scooting around from hither to yon...going to be disciplined.
Life is indeed in bloom here in North Carolina.
Green, green, green everywhere, blossoms popping out, wasps and jumbo bees are buzzing all around our front porch looking for a way in, cardinals and robins are boasting their red feathers, ants are forming trails to somewhere, time to collect the vacated bird nests and wasp hives, three neighbors' cats are sunbathing on our front porch because we have soft cushions on the chairs and I only needed one sweater in the morning!  
Ah life is looking good.
Smiles: Sharon