Sugar Roses

It had rained, rained, rained
then turned 
cold, cold, cold. 
When the sun broke through
our garden was filled
with Sugar Roses.

How Perfectly    

 by favorite poet, Mary Oliver

How perfectly
and neatly
opens the pink rose

this bright morning,
the sun warm
on my shoulders,

 its heat
on the opening petals

it is the smallest,
the least important event
at this moment

              in the whole world.
Yet I stand there,
utterly happy.


Marcie said…
The rewards for the endless rain! Beautiful!!!
Tiffany said…
Gorgeous! What a sweet little poem. I was just thinking this morning how I need to incorporate more poetry into my life. I sure do miss you and your lovely outlook on life.
Carol Groenen said…
Simply beautiful, Sharon. Thank you for finding this treasure and sharing with us. :)