I Just Can't Do It

 A few weeks ago, I posted this watercolor sketch. I chattered about attempting to work soft, serene, pale, pencil and diluted color only. As I view it here on my screen it looks okay, I like it in an uncommitted way.

But it just isn't me.
I must have been swaddled in a red baby blanket or something equally bright, as I seemingly only navigate to the brilliantly bold.
It is the same with oil and acrylic.

A few days ago I pulled out some photos taken in Indonesia. I knew there was no time to do a full blown oil painting. The next best option would be to do watercolor sketches.

Once again I tried for the softer look (WHICH BY THE WAY I DO LOVE AND GREATLY ADMIRE.)
This time I used some really nifty Japanese skinny-mini sketch pens in sepia. Loved them. Happily I swished over the fine lines with diluted water color.

Not bad, one can certainly see the fine sketching. An easy way to put detail into a painting. 
(In Indonesia I fell in  love with the magnificent multi-layered umbrellas used in ceremonies and at holy sites. Only Harry Potter could stick a 10' umbrella, dressed in tutus of ruffles and embroidery, into his luggage!!)

I came home empty handed...

The fishing boats in Cambodia are like none I have ever seen. How I wished to be on one and ask a zillion questions...but the fishing vessels are small,  delicate and I am not. It would have been the end of their livelihood. 
Same sepia pen, diluted colors, but getting a bit stronger. Couldn't help myself from ratcheting up the color a bit!

Just not sure what I think of this softer approach. 

After all is said and done, it truly isn't the end of the world.

But I think I will go back to my bold, yummy jelly-bean colors for awhile!



susan jenkins said…
Sharon, great blog post but i LOVE your bold!! you are all about color and happy!! Your water colors are wonderful but your bold is divine!!!
xx Susan
Marcie said…
I actually like the sketches with the watercolor washed over them. And - I too - love your bold and bright and happy colors!!!
cheryl said…
Isn't it wonderful though that you can do both so well?! These are lovely. I can't wait to frame your prints and put them up in our home. I also loved the Balinese umbrellas. I wanted to bring one home but thought the same thing. The other piece with them carrying things on their head took me right back to Bali. I too am fascinated by how people live so differently and their livelihood so I think spending time on that boat would be so neat.
rebecca said…
colour me BOLD!!!!
follow your heart and your instincts.

while i,
will follow you anywhere!