Inspired by the Sunflower

Saturday mornings in Havre de Grace, there was a lovely but modest Farmer's Market, complete with a view of the Chesapeake Bay. My favorite little stand was always stacked with lush scarlet tomatoes; day-glow-green herbs of dill, oregano, parsley and cilantro perfuming the air;  yellow-orange-red-green peppers; fresh onions, red and yellow; and baskets-full of sun bursting corn.  Truth be told, even better than all that delicious fresh food for the body were the fragrant newly cut bouquets of flowers, for the soul.  I could never leave the Harmer Family Stand with out an armful of flowers; the Sunflowers beguiled me to paint their portraits.

Did I mention how much I miss it all?

Today a posting without words, just enjoy! May the sunny flowers put a smile on your face and leave a golden place in your heart.


africantapestry said…
You're words needed...the joy is plentiful!
What a joyful boost -- bright and cheery on a dreary morning here in my corner of the world. I just happened upon your blog while surfing. I'll be back.
Marcie said…
I just love this series of sunflowers. They are my favorite 'happy' summer flowers. And - we must be thinking alike - the sunflowers in the rain boots...:-)!!!!
rebecca said…
i would know you anywhere...already you have painted my heart and in doing so, caused me to look up up up from the house of summer, from armfuls of sunflowers to the yellow finch who...against an endless blue sky are as brilliant as answered prayers. as purposeful as a painter, who channels citron love from her dry brushes moistened with tears of joy.
your sunflowers....inspire me so.
Shelley Whiting said…
I love your flowers. They are very expressive and I love the impasto like way you handle the paint. Beautiful work.
Geri Centonze said…
just lovely....such a bright spot to spend some time
Marilyn said…
Love the dogs especially!