52 Weeks: What Will You Miss About Summer?

YES, I see the slanted light
filtering through the trees
a warmer yellow
tinged with orange

YES, I see the sunflowers
stooped with age
dropping their seeds 
like raindrops

YES, I feel a subtle drop in 
the temperature
no sweaters yet 

YES, I see stores filled,
virtual waterfalls of school supplies
waiting a place
in a shiny new back pack.

But NO, summer can't just drift away like that.

There is so much to miss about SUMMER
but we aren't there YET!
Toss those shoes aside and run through the grass.


Brenda said…
Sharon - a simply beautiful ode to summer.
Lovely -- I'm going to miss everything about summer but I also look forward to winter.
Emakesart said…
I'm not ready for summer to end!! And there's nothing like walking on grass barefoot... well except walking on the beach barefoot!! I haven't done that yet this summer so it can't end yet!! Lovely post.

Emakesart said…
Oh, and I just took a better look at the photo you used in your art. I love it!!

Marcie said…
I'm still holding tight to summer. It's not going to pass me by this soon. Not yet. Beautiful post!!!