Texture Tuesday: a Favorite Movie

Adding textures to photos is proving to be fun, creative and a wee bit time consuming. Please tell me I will speed up with practice!

This week's challenge was to choose a favorite MOVIE. 
This was easy to do with photos, but I wanted to take it a step further and use PAINTINGS that represent the country where the movie takes place.

These are my two original paintings:
This painting is a collage. It is hanging with several other paintings representing children of other cultures, in a library in Maryland.

A  Balinese Dancer.

These are the two textures I used to get the final results.

Kim Klassen's texture

Natures  Beauty

This texture I created photographing a set of Balinese wooden batik stamps.

Here are the textured photos.
What do you think?

To find out what movie I am illustrating, jump on over to my photography blog

I quite like the texture on these two paintings. Would make great cards or prints.  Feel free to print for your OWN use.


  1. Beautiful! I love these and what you've done with them.

  2. lovely textures...but I'm not sure what movie they portray.

  3. love love love your Balinese dancer!!
    amazing what you are doing here...
    you are treading technologically speaking,where this girl may never bravely go!

  4. These are lovely works of art. Nice textures too.

  5. I'm so impressed by how you're using Kim's textures on your paintings. What wonderful results!!!


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