The Tale of the Ancient Conch Shell

catching small moments
a conch shell held to my ear
tells me stories of the 

of winding paths lined with blue cast shadows
horizons that beckon and tease
one more hill
sea-salt fragrance 

giddiness and joy
sailing boats crested over
  effervescent enthusiasm of little boys
 their big splash

one hundred things to search for
dolphins slipping like quick silver
 in and out of view,
 bopping heads of surfers
pirate ships or mermaids

imaginations race with the wind,
tickling waves 
quicksand slips beneath my feet


  1. All beautiful and they make me so happy!

  2. I can see..hear..taste and feel the ocean. What wonderful words and expressive paintings!

  3. so glad i could not go to bed with out stopping by. how fortunate am i to find such glorious beauty from your heart and brush.
    how greatly my life has been blessed by the sea. i even spent a handful of years sailing around the world working on the QEII.
    love and gratitude are evident in your every stroke. thank you for filling me with joyous memories of this love of sea and beauty we share.

  4. This truly feel like Summer. Your paintings are just wonderful as are your words.



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