52 Weeks: Where is your favorite Space or Place

Kelly has presented a very interesting list to compose. 
At first thought, my mind turned to places 
I have visited or lived. 
But with a bit more introspection
I realized that a space can be within our mind and heart 
or a place as vast as the roaring sea
or as lofty as the lavender clouds.

Feel free to copy the little piece of art. 
It is a sketch-y scene of lavender fields
done on plaster over burlap and crackled.
It will end up glued to the front of a journal.

May your day have at least one very touching moment in it. 


  1. Love the list! This looks really fun - I followed your link to her page - think I might give it a go too. How's it coming along with the Sketchbook project?

  2. We share so many of the same 'favorite places'. What a wonderful list and inspiring piece of art. Love it!!!

  3. Sharon - this is beautiful..love your list and the panting is gorgeous. I am printing it out while I type this to display in my art room!

  4. So lovely of you to offer the painting. So colorful and beautiful!

  5. I went and had a look see at your plaster works today. Very lovely! It is wonderful to see such variety of works from everyone... I love the colours and energy in yours and thanks so very much for sharing this beautiful one with us all! And the bowl... how very beautiful!


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