Texture Tuesday with Paintings

Good morning friends.
 For the longest time I have wanted to post photographs on Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday blog. Textures on photographs is a Photoshop exercise using layers and various textures and designs to alter the appearance of a photograph. 

I have been rather intimidated by the process, mostly due to not having enough time to really get the techniques "into my noggin'." But with a new photography blog just started,
I have decided to get on the bandwagon and just see where it goes. Please  join in if you love photography and Photoshop manipulations. It can be super fun and very creative!

On this blog, however, I am going to do something DIFFERENT. I will add textures, text, etc. to a PAINTING not a photograph

My first experiment:

  the original painting.

I have used Kim's textures Cotton Candy, KK Scripted and Inspire overlay. 
I like the vintage appearance of this piece.

My second painting is actually for a charity event coming up this month. Calling All Angels benefits Avon Cancer Awareness.
More about that in a later blog.


The painting has taken on a completely different quality
using textures.

I have lost in the "never-land" of my photo files the original to this small portrait. You see it with textures only.

This is pure experimentation with unknown results until I learn a few more aspects of adding textures. The combinations are endless.
To see my textures on actual photographs, pop over to


  1. Sharon - what a unique take on adding textures! Each of your paintings is wonderful - the textures give each one another feeling and emotion - two paintings for the price of one :)

    As far as being intimidated - there are really no right or wrongs here - just have fun and play! You are definitely on the right track.

  2. Beautiful work! It seems I'm always saying that about your paintings but (gush) they are just BEAUTIFUL!!

    xx Susan

  3. Your artwork is spectacular. The addition of texture makes it really special!

  4. Nice Paintings, blends well with the textures..Hi I'm Ann, just hopping by and I'm a new Texture Tuesday Participant!

  5. Your work is beautiful and working with textures is a great addition1


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