Summer's Favorite Things: Part 4, The Water

 Living in North Carolina, EVERYONE I chat with has at least one BEACH vacation during the summer. I listen intently, making  mental notes of where they go, the best of the best beaches, tucking away bits and pieces of information for the time we  take our next holiday by the water.

Although I grew up 'landlocked' in the western states, we did our fair share of "water play" but it was boating and water skiing on resevoirs and lakes.

When we had a young family we would go camping on the Oregon coast. Once we drove into a camp late at night, pitch black, with the roar of the waves in our dreams.  In the morning we found ourselves perched precariously on a precipice overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Oregon. 

We pitched khaki colored tents at Lake Tahoe enjoying the ICE COLD CRYSTAL CLEAR water, marshmallows over a fire pit and naughty squirrels that ran off with anything not tied down.

Years later we moved to the EAST COAST, eventually living five year in Havre de Grace...a beautiful village nestled on the corner of the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay.

We would go to the harbor any time, any season for any reason. 
It was as beautiful in summer, as it was glorious iced over in the winter.

A winter interpretation of the frozen docks at Sunrise.

The Chesapeake Bay has a fascinating shoreline. It isn't exactly beach, but mostly rocks, precipices, and occasional drifts of sand. One doesn't swim rather boating, sailing, water skiing and jet skiing are the favored sports.

I will be back later this week with some water sketches. Some evolve  into large paintings. A few are my favorite paintings of all times.

But for now I leave you with another beautiful waterway.


I think I will check out a great movie that is filmed in Venice and dream a bit.


  1. Hi sharon, I always enjoy your posts but I really loved this one! Your paintings are beautiful as always! We are by the water here, a bit too rugged for boating and swimming but none the less, water!I love being around it, a sense of tranquility.
    xx Susan

  2. All gorgeous - but I love the docks at sunrise the best!

  3. oh friend, you are speaking my language! growing up on the southern coast of california you know my waking and sleeping were cloaked in every imaginable gift of the sea. thanks for your exuberant love of colour and water. your love rings out in every stroke!

  4. Absolutely lovely! I'll be dreaming of NC and of Venice too!

  5. I've been dreaming of Venice and have had such a pull towards it lately! Because of that, I pulled out my old photo albums and blew up some of my favorite photos from my trips there, and they're now hanging above our fireplace. It's made me want to do a Venice series, but I haven't had time lately.. maybe next month. But oh how your gorgeous paintings inspire me and will make me dream of Venice even more!! Thank you (I think, Lol!)



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