52 Lists Week 9

Linking up with Kellie again at  Get the words out.  This week's topic is: what we are looking forward to. Well that could imply-- within the next hour, like leaving for a baby shower; tomorrow having family over for dinner; future dates, celebrating Labor Day with family; or more serious lists like World Hunger,  Women's Rights, Political Concerns.

So my little list is a hodge-podge of the trivial to more cerebral .

What is fun about this exercise is coming up with a way to PRESENT ONE'S LIST. If you go to the website you will see a huge variety of list-making.

Today's list was done on ledger paper stained with walnut ink and script with an old bamboo pen like van Gogh used for sketching. I obviously don't have a sharp enough nib nor the control of a van Gogh, but it is MESSY FUN!  Enjoy. You might like to join the group. It is easy-peasy.

Hmm number 7 happened first. Obviously I needed to FLATTEN the M&M sack before scanning. Sorry I didn't leave you any!


  1. What a cute presentation! Alas, I think #5 will never happen (but we can hope!)...and I would love to see #3 when you're done!

  2. darling. as ever. you are a cutie patootie.


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