Sketching with the Sketchers

Since I am happily ensconced in my temperature controlled home, revisiting steamy New York City sounds "cool." We found this delightful boating pond where children were working remote controlled sail boats.

The picturesque scene seemed the perfect spot to sketch.

Straight from the camera...  Central Park
In semi-solitude, sitting on our shady bench, we pulled out our micron pens and watercolor sketchbooks. 

Soaking in the semi-isolation, suddenly there was a huge flutter of movement
motion, disturbance, voices and plopping sounds.

Pigeons don't make that much noise?

A rather nice size sketch club, settled in. Can you believe all that ART STUFF! Well we were but one bench away and pretended we were part of their group.

With all the distraction of painters, two women serenading us with their voices and instruments, people lazily resting on the grounds, combined with birds and walkers galore,

we  managed but a few sketches.  This is my husband sketching away, he was NOT distracted!

So intent upon his sketching, his favorite drink had rolled onto the ground. What you can't see are the birds flocking to it. 

One ink sketch was all I could manage, there was so much going on around me that I preferred walking around, peeking over painter's shoulders, photographing the crazy birds and listening to the singers.

later sketches from Grand Central Station and Anthropologie
So loved the street singers that I am working on a small oil painting, hoping to capture their love of singing such beautiful, enthusiastic voices.

Lastly if you are remotely interested in sketching I highly recommend this book. It will capture your attention and create a huge DESIRE to sketch...sketch with nano experience!

I receive no remuneration for sharing books with you.

 It is recently published and just full of suggestions and inspiration. This book is going to really improve my sketching eye and hand. 
 Cathy Johnson  also has a website.

Time to work on that oil painting.  bon jour!


  1. Hi Sharon - how wonderful,to get together with hubby and go sketching! You did a great job. :)

  2. How fun! I would be the same... too distracted by all the happenings around me. Your sketches are amazing. I really love your style.


  3. hi Sharon - please come FOLLOW my new blog - I could do with a friendly face!

  4. Yay - thanks for following, got that and your comment too - you're my first 'follower' (hee hee) have an amazing weekend! (It's already lunchtime here)

  5. I LOVE your sketches as with every piece of art you do!!!!
    xx Susan


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