Tuesday Textures: School Bells Ring

Kim Klassens theme this week is appropriate with school starting all across America and elsewhere.
I used photos to put textures on. If you have a moment or two, take a look.
On this blog, however, I need to use an art material or painting.
So I really had to stretch the theme a bit.
But these are ALL THINGS I love...every time I have a few moments to create paintings and sketches is like a new School-Day.

Original oil painting, Kim's 123 Copy, pdga art.tex, saturation and luminosity.
Can't go to school without school supplies!

Photo of painting brushes, photo of Chinese New Year, Kim's Sepia Scratch and orange photo filter.

Photo of colored pencils, scan of The World Book, Kim's textures: reversett frame, sepia scratched. Color filter and luminosity.
Today I tried something different (for me that is) I super imposed my own photos on top of one another. I found it rather intriguing and fun. 

 If you are into books, I discovered this one at the Rubin Museum in New York City. It is fabulous. Check Amazon.

Until next time, have a super Tuesday!


diane said…
I love your photos
Geri Centonze said…
Lovely work Sharon - that's my sister that commented above me ♥
Kim Klassen said…
oh sharon... what a perfect post!!

your art is AMAZING...

xxo, Kim
mary said…
wow lots of eye candy in this post! really like the little girls on the bench!
Pat said…
I love how you combined your artwork with Kim's texture. (I've got to do that more.) Well done!