The Magic of the Tajine

A tagine/tajine is a vessel originally made from red clay, conical in shape and often decorated by hand. The tajine retains moisture and flavors, cooking the food gently in a small amount of liquid. The beautiful earthenware serves as a cooking and serving dish. Originally a Berber dish, the tajine has evolved with history as Arab and Ottoman invaders, Moorish refugees and French colonialists left their influence on the cuisine. An authentic tajine is in a class of its own and has become a fundamental feature in Moroccan cuisine. Preparation is half of the fun, dicing, slicing, mincing all those beautiful summer vegetables. Drop into sizzling oil a generous amount of mid-eastern spices and soon an amazing aroma dances about the kitchen.
A diffused slow simmer is what tajine cooking is all about. The dish of tender meat or succulent vegetables meld into an aromatic and syrupy concoction that is pure bliss.
Simmer away and you end up with a mosaic of color, texture, and rich aroma.
Dinner is served! We ate outside on the deck, very cool breeze, setting sun and an aromatic taste-delight. Thank you Mateo and Sarah for this wonderful gift of a tajine. There is much adventuresome dining ahead!


  1. Looks yummy!!! I think I am hungry now. It also looks like you figured out the RSS thing.

  2. YUM! Be sure to make some next time we visit!!!!


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