Happy Birthday, Zades!

All cleaned up, looking shiny and happy....but just before this picture.....oops another story!
Yum.....I hope there are seconds. I will do anything for seconds of chocolate!
Whew...that was just too good. Sorry I didn't save any for you!
Happy Birthday!
Zadian, Uncle Daniel and Aunt Ta Ta share the same date for birthday and wedding anniversary. Your special First Birthday cake was next to their wedding cake one year ago. Wow, you loved that cake!
Last year you were happiest in your highchair, looking like a Prince, eating anything and everything. You still love food. Your tactile love of food reminds me of your daddy, who when your age, slap-dashed the food on his high chair everywhere; high, low, sideways and in-between...he was quite messy. Happy Birthday you cute little munchkin, we love your chocolatey face.

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