Part Three of Marriage Poem-At This Sacred Moment

Mother Wren’s Wisdom Spring, mother wren perched upon our pillared porch. patiently she makes cozy the speckled eggs beneath the blanket of her spreading wings. toiling sunrise to sunset, feverishly feathering her nest, What wonders did she see, what music filled the night ribbons of wisdom, she wove amongst the linen colored grass. Consider this she stops to say: Twigs and mud are useful for nest building, dandelion fluff, sticks, a fallen feather will do—but spread wide your wings, sail upon the winds skirting the edge of the world. Dance with joy through a golden sunset, float in peace through banks of filtering clouds believe in the sun even when it is not shining. Open the earth ripe for planting, dropping alms amongst the folds and furrows. Inhale the perfume of deep peace, seeing the sanctuary of un-boundaried skies. Search for purpose; gain wisdom from the world’s best minds. Nourish your soul upon the sacred, have faith in the way things are. And at last—stretch forth your arms in union for the golden ring. Then you shall be prepared to return on filigreed wings bearing beauty, rich wisdom, gleaned from God’s and Man’s very best. You shall come filled, lives enriched with possibilities. And then, behold the nest that two can build.

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