Our Mermaid Princess, Ella Paris turns Four

Ella Paris was born in Paris, which is a magical place to be born. As you can see she is a very charming, beguiling, Mermaid-Princess.
When a Magical Mermaid Princess has a birthday, she must have the most chocolatey of chocolate cakes, complete with star wands and pink fairies.
Ella Paris has three special little Mer-brothers in her family. They have just emerged from the swimming pool and are ready to share Ella Paris' chocolatey cake.
Mermaid Ella Paris has many land friends who joined her on her celebration day. This must be a very special birthday because there are so many pretty chocolate cakes and lots of fun presents.

Ella Paris' lolo (grandpa) is taking her for a ride to her favorite part of the lake. Do you think she will jump into the water and return to her mermaid friends in the Star Fish Castle?

My goodness, Mermaid Ella Paris is on another boat. Maybe this boat goes faster. She is waving good bye. She has had a marvelously wonderful fourth birthday.

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