Kayla's baby brother, Luke Hunter Gickling

My name is Kayla and I want you to meet my new baby brudder. I liked the name Luke the best, so mommy and daddy named baby brudder, Luke Hunter Gickling because I said too!
Being a Big Sister is a Very Important Job, so I decided I better inspect Luke if we were bringing him home. He has the longest fingernails ever, longer than mommy's fingernails. Daddy will clip them shorter. He has long fingers and toes.
Doesn't mommy look beautiful with baby Luke? I let Luke hold my Pink Bear so that he would know that I love him lots and lots.
I was given the very important job of pushing baby Luke's bed down to the nursery. Big Sisters help anyway that they can. Grammy and I went to the nursery and watched them weigh and measure Luke. He is BIG!!! 8 pounds is alot and 20.5 inches is even huge-er!
Mommy, Daddy and Grammy had another surprise for me. I have my very own baby brother to take care of. His name is Chase. And he has hair that is brown just like Luke. I have my very own pink diaper bag, bottle and diapers. And see the bracelet on my arm. The nurse gave it to me to wear when I am at the hospital. It matches Mommy's bracelet.
I discovered the spinning stool that the doctor sits on. Baby Chase loved being twirled around and around. Oops he fell down a couple of times, but he doesn't cry very loud.
Baby Brother looks like a little angel in one of my books. He smiled at me and opened his eyes. He is glad I am his sister, I can tell.
Daddy has been smiling all afternoon. Daddy will love Luke just like he loves me. Aren't I lucky to have such a nice daddy?
Grammy was smiling all afternoon, too. Maybe there is a secret I don't know about.
What I love most of all about my baby brother Luke are his teeny tiny hands and perfect little fingers. Do you want to hold him?
Well, I am tired after such an exciting day, so it is off to bed. Pink Bear and Baby Chase are tucked in bed with me and we are dreaming of our new baby. Tomorrow will be another adventure! Sweet Dreams!

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