What Kayla Did on Luke's Birthing-day!

Grammy and Kayla had a Girl's Day Out while waiting for baby Luke to be birthed. Where do girls go for fun? Why the bookstore of course.
All that reading makes a girl hungry, so next stop McDonalds for nuggets and apples with caramel dippy sauce! Pink Bear was our buddy for the day.
What is better than cold milk and a McDonald trinket?
Kayla knows...the best thing is to eat dippy sauce with one's finger, hmm good!

Kayla is a terrific artist and is pretty excited about looking at magic markers, bottles of rainbow colored paints and pencils with cute designs on them. You guessed it, Michael's Craft Store was our next stop on our Girl's Day Out.

Kayla helped Grammy choose 20 bottles of paint. Now what will Grammy do with 20 bottles of paint? Two guesses! Fun is coming because Grammy is going to paint fairies and flowers in Kayla's bedroom and turtles and giraffes in Luke's bedroom. Of course, Kayla is master artist and will be a big help.

Just after we bought our 20 bottles of rainbow paint, Grammy received a Very Important Phone Call. It was daddy calling! Did he have good news or what? So Grammy and Kayla hopped in the car and drove to the hospital and this is what they found!!
Baby Brudder

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  1. I am loving to read every ounce of this blog Sharon. Just loving it. You make me miss my own mother.

    What a fun day for the girls! I love that you capitalized Very Important Phone Call. You are too cute.


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