What Do You Do With A Crab?

Two weeks ago at Ocean City, 12 large crabs were running 54.00. And now they are a premium 200.00 for a bushel. Well that is a lot to crab about, pardon the pun. A zillion years ago we lived in Reno, Nevada and those were the years when we believed in LARGE families. So in addition to our tribe of seven we added a variety of critters and animals as pets and science projects. We even inherited Shakespeare my parent’s Old English Sheep Dog that they didn’t want to take with them on a road trip. Excuse the diversion, back to our own pets: dogs, dogs, dogs, stray cats, goldfish, rats, guinea pigs and Hermit Crabs. Each and every one of these familiar pets had an unseemly totally unjustified death but none more innocent than Hermit and Crab. Some caring, pet-loving kid in our family decided that Hermit and Crab needed a little fresh air and exercise. After all a glass jar house, the beach it is not! Unnamed person took Hermit and Crab outside to relax on the grass and stretch their legs, hmm claws. Who would have known that this hallowed piece of grass would soon become their cemetery! Hermit and Crab skittered as only Hermit Crabs can do and promptly, yes, promptly fell down an unoccupied gopher hole. They were never seen again. Perhaps they dug their way to China! So what does one do with a crab?
Why buy a Crabbie sandbox, of course!
No more pinchy claws, no more steamy $200.00 a bushel prices, no more falling down unmanned gopher holes, no more guilt or angst. Just................
Pure unadulterated pleasure for little and big, young and old, friend or foe and just about anyone who wants to be a kid again.
We love Crabbie
Want to join in on the fun?
Come and Play with Us!
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  1. okay! just make sure you put crabbie's shell back on or you'll have some fun kitty droppings in your wonderful sand! (we had a sand box growing up that the neighborhood cats loved)


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