A WICKED Birthday

On a WICKED birthday, why not start out with Chocolate Chip Pancakes? Emma is a wonderful artist, she loves to draw and paint. So....Emma created this edible piece of art by "painting" her pancakes red with strawberries. It is too cute to eat. Let's call it a FUNKADELIC pancake!
Celebrating Emma turning 9 wasn't WICKED but WONDERFUL! It started out with a gift from her mommy of a beautiful GREEN dress. She is so grown up and lovely with her cute sandals and gold handbag. The PINK bow is just a perfect touch. Emma is simply DEVINE-LICIOUS!
Emma's hair gets shorter and shorter. We LOVE this new-do! We can really see her sparkling eyes and beautiful smile. Emma looks like a Princess going to the theater. Well.....that is just what she did.
Emma and her mommy rode in their "carriage" to the Oriental Theater in Chicago. The excitement in their carriage was SMILE-LICIOUS for they were seeing the musical play WICKED. It is a pretty wonderful, crazy, mixed up story of two sister-witches who manage to get in heaps and leaps of trouble!
Emma already knew most of the music to WICKED by "heart," singing it every day. At summer camp she has a girlfriend who saw WICKED and loved it. They talk about it all the time. Emma says that her favorite song is called POPULAR. I bet she loves the way Galinda, the Witch "pops" her voice during the song, making it extra special.
Emma's favorite line in the play was, "Dear Mumsie and Popsicle." Mumsie and Popsicle are much more fun to say than mommy and daddy. Emma ordinarily loves monkeys but in this story she found them to be a little creepy. Emma confessed to singing (out loud) her favorite songs along with the actresses in the play. Can't blame her! After all maybe some day she will be an actress on the stage singing and dancing or perhaps she will be an artist painting in Paris. Emma can be anything that she wants to be. But for now it is fun being a Princess and going to plays spun with magic.
As you can see, Emma had a wonderful WICKED birthday, with souvenir catalogue, CD and a green monkey to remind her of this special occasion. Let's all sing Happy Birthday to Emma!
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  1. How fun to be treated to a broadway show on your birthday! If only I was so lucky! I am sure it was a wonderful time and made for a wonderful memory.


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