African Children's Choir

"We are the African Children's Choir."
"We are between seven and eleven years old and we come from Africa. We come from very poor villages and many of us are orphans. Our families find it hard to care for us. Children in our villages often do not learn to read or write because their families cannot afford to send them to school."
Twenty four years ago the African Children's Choir was formed. It was initiated by Music For Life who recognized the need for children to receive an education. The choir shines a light on children who once fought a daily battle against starvation and poverty. Many lost one or more parents due to poverty, HIV, civil war and genocide.
Our family had the opportunity to attend the BSO Christmas Festival, as part of our holiday fun. The symphony coupled with an amazing singer/host Sandi Patty; dancers, and singers performed secular and sacred music; puppetry, dancing Santas and ever so much more.
But the STARS of the evening were the boys and girls from this choir. They dazzled their way into our hearts and souls with the JOY of their SINGING.
This is what they came from.
This is the reality of millions of African children and families. Everywhere you turn in Africa (and other places on this Earth) is the devastation of poverty, HIV/AIDS, civil war, faminine, genocide and sheer neglect.
The Good News is that countless men and women through the Power of the Individual give of their time and talents to help those in need. And Irish-born minister Ray Barnett is one such individual. In 1984, his life was changed and in due time there have been over 35 African Children's Choirs.
Twenty-four years later, the African Children' Choir has changed the life path of thousands of African children. Numerous shools have been built; children educated and now these same children are giving back to their communities as teachers, doctors, engineers and social workers.
The website is worth a visit.
You can order their CD's and prolong the holiday spirit through music.
These Dancing Santas probably worked hard to fill the stockings of these dear boys and girls, but more importantly spread Glad Tidings across this planet.


  1. Fun to read all of the posts!! You've been busy celebrating the holidays in style!!!

    Love how you are putting 4 pics on 1 spot - you'll have to show me that trick.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful organization and evening.
    I love your artwork in the coffee house as well.
    Also, I was on the sellugah sight and saw your painting, I was so excited!
    happy new year!


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