The Bottomless Cup

Three months ago, Deb and Colin Preston opened their gourmet coffee house, The Bottomless Cup, in Havre de Grace. The fulfillment of a decade’s long dream! For years they had thought, pondered, planned and dreamt how they would design, decorate, and serve superior coffee, tea and hot chocolate beverages.
They wanted to offer a warm and inviting coffee house for one to enjoy gourmet drinks and pastries; relax, visit and unwind. They also wanted convenience and superior service. The Bottomless Cup has a charming, knowledgeable manager and other friendly employees. The convenience comes in the form of a drive through window.
I met Deb after receiving a letter from the RiverView Gallery stating that a new, local coffee house was looking for art to hang on their walls. I thought everyone would have contacted them and offered their paintings. Surprise, no one had responded to the letter. So Deb was happy to meet me.
She and Colin are such warm, friendly, honest, hard working and charming people that we got along from the very first meeting. After spending time with them, I so wanted to see them succeed with their new business. It really wasn’t about “hanging art” but about how to help them put the final touches on their business. They wanted a Provence sort of ambience. Well that was something I could help them with.
We waited until after the holidays to hang paintings. It was worth the wait so that I could get paintings ready and properly framed and they had some time with which to hang the work.
In addition to good food and service they have started social gatherings on Sunday afternoons. Various speakers, musicians, and so forth have come to “chat” with coffee house guests. They are very interested in having Daniel come and share stories about pirates this February. If this happens, it will be such fun!
I love working with Deb and Colin. They are just really very special people. I have learned more about them, their children, work and future plans. I can only wish them the best in all areas of their lives.
In respect for the privacy of customers in the coffee house, I only photographed empty areas. So the best thing to do in order to see the entire charming coffee house is to visit in person!!!


  1. I have seen this place and wondered about it! Now I will go there for sure. Max loves hot chocolate and it would be a fun little outing. Would you like to join us some time?

  2. Oh! And I forgot to mention how lovely your work looks in there. Did they paint before they met you? That is a great backdrop color for your artwork. Way to go!


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