Christmas Day in the Morning

The sun hovered just above the horizon on Christmas Morning. Inside the house everyone was up, ready and wondering if Santa had really found Emma at her Grammy and Grandpa’s home in Havre de Grace.
We lined up, shaking in anticipation!
Perfect, SANTA had arrived, leaving PRESENTS tucked around the fireplace. Yay! he had also eaten some cookies, whew! he found Emma after all !
Santa seemed to know exactly what Emma wanted; a pink plush dinosaur, Club Penguin membership card, and Hannah Montana calendar!
Hmm and a package of hair glitter! This hair glitter is pretty important stuff especially on Christmas morning. After mommy brushed some pinky-purple sparkles onto Emma’s hair, Emma in turn brushed sparkles onto Grammy’s hair…we twinkled like the lights on the tree! It really “stuck” with us!
Traditional Christmas morning breakfast in the Furner home is Swedish Oven Pancakes with berry jam, sour cream and whipping cream, accompanied by sausage…
Slowly we opened gifts to Mommy Mindy and gifts between Grammy and Grandpa. It was a pretty special Christmas.
Later in the day we enjoyed a chicken dinner prepared by Mindy and Emma…you could smells wafts of tarragon about the house! A simple, elegant dinner complete with sparkling bubbly drink.
The day was spent in anticipation. Emily was flying Delta to Philadelphia to spend one week with us! We were so excited.
Late Christmas night we drove to the Philadelphia Airport. Grandpa waited in luggage area while Emma and Grammy went to gate 13A. The airport was deserted, empty, hollow, stores closed, nothing but the hum of television channels tuned to a football game and a few airport workers, watching it. We sat in this HUGE vacant waiting area…it was surreal….but like Horton who hatched an egg in patience, we too were patient. Finally at 11:30 pm the flight arrived. All departed and the final passenger to leave the plane was a happy smiling ......
We couldn’t have had a better Christmas present.

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  1. What fun! I had a great time reading about your adventures with Emily and friends. Can I fly over to your house for good food and art time?


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