Two Cousin-Lovin' Days

Despite our late night run to the airport, we were sunnyside-up the next morning. This was the start of two fun-filled days! Of course it required a sturdy breakfast to start it off with--like chocolate Pop Tarts!

While the girls enjoyed breakfast, especially hot chocolate topped with whip cream, the downstairs art room was prepared for an art project.

First a little surprise Christmas present shaped like a suitcase purse filled with goodies, ticket for movie, tiny colored pens and paper and sparklers. The fun part was transforming white tennis shoes with paint and glitter to “glam-shoes.” To each their own, as we painted our shoes from imagination.
Enough “house time” we needed to get out in the fresh air and head for the movies at the White Marsh Mall.
Whoa, where is that trucking going? Does he know he is driving backwards? Despite crazy traffic we made it to the theater, all tied up in “knots.” We were excited to see The Tales of Despereaux with Ashley and Daniel.
After the movies, and messing around-time, Emma and Emily were treated to a sleep over at Aunt Tata and Uncle Daniel’s home. To see fun pix and read all about their super pajama party visit Tata’s blog.
The next day, Emma, Emily and Grammy visited the boardwalk in Havre de Grace…..can you guess who is wearing which shoe? (Answer at end of story.)
The day was pale and gray. It felt like we were wrapped in velvet curtains with all the misty clouds and damp air surrounding us. We knew that Uncle Christopher would love seeing the dock, the many boats, gray sky, clouds and birds. We took lots of pictures for him.
The girls played on the upper playground until the sun set in the west. It was so beautiful we couldn’t leave until dusk had truly settled around us. Then it was homeward bound, dinner and the big finale…….

Welcoming in the approaching New Year !

(shoes: Grammy left, Emily middle, Emma, right.)

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