Boppin' Bubbles

Grammy and Granpops brought a surprise from Maryland,
lots and lots of snow! Lucky their airplane arrived before the big snowstorm came to our home. We had our work cut out for us, clearing the sticky, slushy snow off of their snazzy red car they rented. The car was cool looking but rather squatty and hard for me to squirm into the back seat everytime we drove somewhere.
Whew all this work makes a girl hungry. I knew
just where to take Grammy and Granpops for BREAKFAST.
You can eat BREAKFAST anytime at our favorite cafe. So come along.
You can tell it was pretty cold, all bundled up in winter coats, hats and gloves. Grammy borrowed my mommy's winter boots and heavier coat. They were lucky to wear the same shoe size.
A little snow never stops ME from having a really great day!
Ta Da!!!! Here is my super duper chocolate chip funny face pancake. I ate it all in minutes.
To celebrate the wintry snow we all had HOT CHOCOLATE, yum!
Grandpa had crepes, bacon and eggs. He was VERY HAPPY! Mommy had a vegetable egg skillet, the best she has ever had.
And Grammy......
....BANANA FRENCH was it sweet! But it did taste like bananas!
I think it looks a little bit like the Very Hungry Caterpillar!
One of my favorite excursions is a visit to the Children's Museum.
I always make a bee line to the BUBBLES station.
There are raised tables, holes in the floor, and tunnels to walk through, all filled with special sudsy water to make ENORMOUS bubbles.
Some are so big you can pull them up over your body. Some are small and make magical shapes. It takes a little bit of "elbow-soap," wrist control and a bit of good luck to get the best bubbles ever.
Watch out everyone, here comes a BIG ONE !!!!!
Oops, where did it go?
Yikes, I think it splashed on a kid standing next to me.
By the time I was finished floating bubbles my pants were drenched.
I headed to the wind machine to get a bit more dry. BRRRR rather cold!
Want to know what we did next at the Children's Museum?
Stand by for next story.
Author: Emma

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