Peep-a-Boo, colorful marshmallow chicks and bunnies dipped in crunchy fine sugar,
a "peep-a-licious" treat! Grammy and I went to World Markets and while we "peeped" through the Easter treats I spied a Peep Cookbook! What a "peep-a-find."
What color PEEPS do you like? Grammy and I LOVE bright turquoise blue, emerald green, lavender, yellow and RED! Have you seen red peeps?
They are the prize.
Grammy and I couldn't resist buying the Peep Cookbook, what is a girl to do? Next was looking at all of the fun ideas and recipes. Someone was very very very clever that wrote this cookbook.
It would have been so FUN tasting all of the creations.

My BIG decision: what would we make first? It was all very "YUM-LICIOUS" I decided on PEEPS in a NEST! I made a "NEST" out of a meringue mix---sugar, coconut, flour.....voila...

This is HARD work for little hands, but I did it all by myself. Grammy was busy taking photographs!
After much stirring I was able to carefully spoon batter onto a cooky sheet, spread it into a NEST shape and put in the oven.
We had to watch it very carefully. No burned nests for us!!
The final result. PEEPS-IN-A-NEST! Aren't they adorable? And they were yummy, too! PEEP-A-BOO to you this Easter Day! I had so much fun baking bird nests that I had a GREAT IDEA, why don't I find a NEST just my size. Here I am!!! Having a PEEP-A-BOO time. Story by Emma.

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  1. How fun! I would have loved to try your peeps in a nest! Glad you and Grammy had a great time together!


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