Easter with Ashley-Anne and Daniel

This year spring, springtime and Easter all sprung up in a WINTRY melange of weather. Easter was no exception. Although chilly outside, inside was warm and toasty as we spent the day with Ashley-Anne and Daniel.
Grandpops had just returned from a four day trip to North Carolina, spending a wonderful time with Hunter, Molly, Kayla, Luke, Ed and Cathy. He had gone "down south" to have a cap put on his tooth by his personal dentist Hunter. But that took but moments, the rest of the time was full of fun activities and visiting.
Ashley-Anne and Daniel picked dad up at the airport then drove to our home
to spend a day together.
Dad is always ready for a delicious meal. So bring it on!

Daniel and Ashley had brought perfect lamb chops, steak, potatoes and other treats. Braving a bad cold and the even worse weather, Daniel barbecued the meat to perfection outside on the windy, wet deck.

Sharon always happy to cook with her tajine prepared a rather spicy Moroccan vegetable dish....spicy enough to unstuff the stuffiest of noses.

The talk was "a bit of this and a bit of that." Always wonderful to catch up with loved ones while dining on delicious cuisine.

Almost forgot the salad which was visually pretty and very yummy. Big juicy oranges, blood oranges, red onions, olives mixed with a dressing of spices and lime juice.

Not the traditional American Easter dinner, but the flavors of the mid-east shone through.

We did our best with table decorations...the few BRAVE DAFFODILS that had dared bob their golden heads out of the frozen soil, were brought inside to add a bit of color. You can't see the bird's nest filled with seashells and the family heirloom of tiny Germany dolls.

Dad's AI sauce reigned supreme!

Later we retired to the family room for more chatting, discussion concerning the challenges of raising a family at this time and of course funny family stories.

Dessert was delicious ANGEL FOOD CAKE crowned with really juicy red STRAWBERRIES, and vanilla ICE CREAM!

As we ponder the symbolism of EASTERwith its renewal of spring, life and the resurrection of JESUS CHRIST coupled with ALL BLESSINGS GREAT AND SMALL, we are all grateful for the blessings, joys and abundance in our lives.

Our family is truly BLESSED.

We are all very grateful for the GRACE in our lives.

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