A Bit of This, a Bit of That

Who says a girl can't build a car? Here I am building a car from blocks of wood and plastic bottle caps. The is one terrific way to recycle! At the Discovery Museum there is a super fun area where you can build anything you want...well almost anything. First I had to put on kid size goggles and check out all of the tools. The fun part was designing my car.
The SAW was the hardest tool to use. I put it in a vise so that it wouldn't be all wobbly while I sawed. That was BIG WORK!!! My arms got VERY TIRED by the time I had cut the wood to the right size. Next came attaching it all together with nails. I tried big nails and small nails. Some went all crooked and crazy then I would have to pull them out.
But with HUGE patience I got the nails in and attached the bottle top wheels. It looked pretty nifty and I did it all by myself.
Crazy but we forgot to take a picture of it. It is sitting happily on my chest of drawers in my bedroom....right by my "GIRLY" things.
See girls can be carpenters!
PAINTING was way easier than building cars. We have lots of paint, glitter, markers and crayons ready to color our clothespin BUTTERFLIES. Grandpop and Grammy made butterflies with me. We had so much fun painting and talking.
We put magnets on the backs of the butterflies and they are HAPPY resting on our refrigerator door!
Hmmmmmmmm.....should I be a CARPENTER or an ARTIST?
Or maybe a RACE CAR driver. Here I am speeding along with a happy MOUSE! He wasn't a backseat driver, just a fun buddy.
Another great thought: I can be a CARPENTER, ARTIST, SPEED CAR DRIVER or a PILOT! I like flying high, maybe this is what I will do when I am all grown up. But for now, it is pretty cool FLYING HIGH!!!Posted by Picasa

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