Private Party

It just doesn't seem right
for a birthday to not start EARLY
as in "wee morning hours!"
After all it is a 365 day trek to hitch another year in one's
The sun rose on a sacrosanct FURNER TRADITION....
a delightfully, puffy, bouffant, eggy, cardamon-laced
The BIRTHDAY BOY was ready for the party to begin...
another fully laden table with S.O.P., whip cream, jam and syrup,
fruit, juice, eggs to individual taste
and lots of crispy sausage.
HMMM somehow on this morning the sausage was missing its casing!!!!
Never matter, let the FEAST begin.
Please hurry with the picture taking so we can "dig" into those piping hot
Swedish Oven Pancakes!!!
Claudann joined the early morning celebration.
She brought with her a very fun present for the BIRTHDAY BOY,
a standing cot with blow up mattress.
Don't want our favorite GUY sleeping on the ground.
~~Really Grammy will you please put down the camera? We are
After every little smidgeon of Swedish Oven Pancake was consumed,
everyone gathered in the living room for
the GRAND OPENING of special presents!
Remember those HIDDEN ELVES from the surprise party,
well they popped up again...
this time bringing a GAME of HANG MAN....
With Adam and Emily's help the BIRTHDAY BOY had to guess the words
describing HIS gift from the mischievious elves.
HE went through quite a few letters, repeating some,
wearing a perplexed expression
as he dug harder to figure out the words.
"OH, MY GOSH.....I GOT IT!" HE finally exclaimed. Elves are tricky people and these clever ELVES
knew what he had secretly been longing for.....
HIS mom painted a special canvas to remind HIM of HIS
wonderful trip to FRANCE
and the wonderful shoreline of Cassis.
Cassis a sun drenched village, cradling hundreds
of boats with multi-colored sails.
SANDI saved her GIFT for LAST.
Think of the
you can imagine.
That was on HIS face when HE opened a gift
for a weekend at an Austrian hotel
The Birthday Boy's feet left the floor with JOY!
Now isn't that what you would expect from
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