iphone madness: a photo a week

I still haven't come down from my 'high' with my iphone. When I can't sleep at night it is more fun than reading a book, not that I couldn't read a book ON IT!!!  But that means hasseling with itunes!  So a midnight madness decision was made; to share something creative (by the camera) once a week until I run out of ideas, or energy...not sure which will come first.

The iphone camera is great, but the apps you can order for 1.99 are what make it super fantastic. Today's app is called:


Simply shoot your desired subject with iphone camera. Open up  PhotoTropedelic and go crazy, zany, colorful with your images.  Lots of choices. This fun is less than a milkshake at McDonald's!!!!!

Now if you are a PAINTER think of the inspiration you will gain creating  psychedelic pictures with endless color possibilities. I just might try it myself.

Wouldn't these make super personalized cards for kids to hand out...you know, with their iphone number on it. Smile!

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