Sugar is Sweet

Sugar is Sweet, Violets are Blue, Hearts filled with Love, Only for You.

Silly, sweet rhymes bring back memories of the month of February and Valentine's Day ! In our family Valentine's was a BIG DEAL, full of fun traditions, crafts and lots of sticky sweet candy and cupcakes.

May I invite you to walk with me down MEMORY LANE and peek at a family tradition or two...well maybe more than two!!

Tasha Tudor, writer and illustrator of children's books served as a MENTOR OF TRADITIONS to me. 

She created stories and traditions borne of her own life and family. They inspired me, I wanted to be a modern day TASHA TUDOR

This is the book that really started it all, A Time to Keep.

This cotton-candy-pink flocked tree was bought at Michaels for 15.00. After Christmas it was brought back as a Valentine centerpiece. Best 15.00 dollars spent at BUBBLE GUM PINK.

In A Time to Keep, the Tudor family had a small post office and all mail came by Sparrow Post. 

In our family each child and of course, mom and dad built their own "sparrow post"  to receive their own mail.

LULU is holding her own special Valentine. Of course, all mail delivered to Sparrow Post had to be handmade. LULU has been in our family for many years, made of fabric and hand-painted, dress fashioned from a soft linen hanky.

Fancy frosted cupcakes topped with roses, pink angel cake dusted with powder sugar, sweet strawberries....well, give us Valentine Heart Candies with cutesy messages and Heart shaped Peeps and we are just as happy.

Of course we like only the old fashioned valentine candies...too many new flavors!
My camera had just been set aside when the doorbell rang. It was our 'best friend' the UPS deliveryman! And what a delivery he left this day, a gigantic mystery box marked FLOWERS.
Quick to the kitchen, where are those heavy duty shears?
Clip clip clip
Who sent this box?
What is inside?

A bouquet of beautiful White Dendrobium (elegant ivory, lemon colored center, orchids.)
From dear friends, Dale, Alice and Ellen
One more photo!

Would you like to make a Sparrow Post ?


Constructed of foam core board, heavier has less warping. Think Gingerbread House when you cut two rectangular sides and two pointed ends. A larger rectangular base and two lids for roof. Make any shape you would like. 
Figure this out on paper to assure a good fit. 
I glued it all together..four hands are helpful. Half of the roof is glued to the house. Second half is loose in order to open and close.
Ribbons pulled through holes in the roof, hold it together, allowing the insertion of Valentines.


Fill with Valentines....such fun to get up in the morning and see what might be inside? Candy hearts? Cupcake? Letters? Decorated Cards?

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