Cat-napping (oops) Cat-reading

Ms. Furilla does revel in her beauty naps at all times of the day. 
Did you know that Princess is also an avid reader? She loves stories about herbs, especially catnip;  birds; gourmet cat food; and CATS. 
Before we left for another day's adventure, she told us all about a very special bookstore, Strands. It is near Union Square, not far she said. 
So we left her reading her latest book and headed UPTOWN on a beautiful, warm, sunny day.

We felt a tad guilty leaving, but we would bring her back a treat.
New York City STRAND BOOKS is a book lover's fantasy. The store advertises  18 miles of books!!!! The front is pretty inconspicuous, understated, only a few lookers, picking through old wooden shelves of books. Could have walked right past it.
Walk in and WOW this is a book store. Each floor specializes in different categories of used books and collectible/rare books. 
I headed for level 2 where thousands of books on art and photography are lodged. Packed would be a better word. The shelves are so full you can hardly pull a volume out!
There is a ladder to climb to the tipsy top of precarious shelves!! Personally I look "low."

 Because we knew we would be carrying anything we bought ALL day, we were prudent in our purchases. A lovely van Gogh book of selected letters and paintings for 15.00.
Van Gogh in Arles--4.95!
Wow what a bargain. Furilla was correct, it was a bookstore like non other.

All that work sent us straight to another hot dog vendor.
The really old fashion hot dog vendors are almost extinct. This is as close as I have found. Today most vendors are high tech, lots of ethnic food, and the size of a small kitchen on wheels. No nostalgia involved, not even chopped onion and pickles for one's hotdog.!
This photo is an ode to what used to be. Hope he is successful!
Princess wanted to make sure we attended mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral. 
We knew we were close when we watched some nuns scurry across the street toward St. Patrick's.

 Perhaps a thousand people were in the cathedral. We stood at the back as we were late. Very difficult to get discreet photos, but we did want you to get a peek inside this beautiful cathedral, with such a rich history.

It was lovely to light a candle for someone whom we know is in need of special prayers. It was the only candle glowing and brought a feeling of peace.
Our thoughts while leaving  St. Patrick's was of gratitude that we had attended.

Going from the sacred to the profane in a few short blocks
we found ourselves in the Anthropologie flagship store!!!!
This is by far my favorite store of stores. I had already felt like I was in Heaven at St. Patrick's but this was floating on the clouds of imagination. Few stores are as clever, intriguing, creative and out-of-this world than Anthropologie.

Howard patiently waited while I took close to 40 photos. It is really quite amazing that security didn't stop me, but they let me be. Many photos will be uploaded to ofoto, let me know if you would like the link. Enjoy the following pictures and maybe float on a few clouds yourself.

....and the outside windows are unbelievable. 
Before we headed home we found the perfect present for Princess Furilla....which would you choose for her?

A Princess Chair or Jewels?