Ms. Furilla Day Two

Ms. Furilla slept well as a well bred cat should, took her tummy pills rather nicely then proceeded to take her beauty nap. We used the time to plot the day's activities.

Our agenda was larger than our energy and we did about half of what was planned. But that is okay, just leaves more for tomorrow.

First we found a Princess cup for You Know Who......PINK no less. I believe I forgot to tell you that Princess Furilla dines on china. So this Princess cup is perfect.

 Now if you are wondering why I have steam coming out of my head?

We were half way to Ground Zero at the World's Trade Center when I remembered I had left the camera batteries charging in the bathroom!!  Guess who walked all the way back to retrieve them?

Once the steam cooled down we couldn't MISS this huge metal sculpture.

To tell you the truth I have no idea what this is...what do you think. It looks different from various angles. Is Howard attempting to fly a huge helium balloon?

Speaking of helium balloons,  we spotted this woman looking way way high, we also had to turn and see what she was looking at.

This is the Number One building at Ground Zero. We were here two years ago and it was still a pit in the ground. The architecture will be different from the original building.

For nearly a year after the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, St. Paul's Chapel served as a relief mission for recovery workers at Ground Zero.  Over 14,000 volunteers worked in 12 hour shifts to provide solace, comfort and care for 2,000 workers each day. St Paul's Chapel became the spiritual home of Ground Zero. For many it was the first time they had ever volunteered, and they discovered that one individual's efforts does indeed make a difference.

Men, women, young and old shed tears,  visibly over come with emotion. When you walk on these hallowed grounds you feel the spiritual dimension of this horrific disaster. It is sobering.

 I love the symbolism of the cupped hands holding a chalice over what I interpret to be the twin towers. If we cupped one another this tenderly there would not be a world of conflict, war and despair.

 It took a sophisticated bit of subway map reading to work our way up to Greenwich Village. Emerging from the bowels of the earth (we were four floors under) into the flooding sunlight we were soon swallowed up in thousands of New Yorkers reveling in the warmth and the sun. Happiness was in abundance! Immediately we spotted  Sheridan Park, its few benches groaning with the weight of so many relaxing, facing  the sun. Howard even found a spot to sit, took a few minutes to relax and do a sketch. 

These sculptures reminded me of the dried cod we saw at Whole Foods yesterday, hard, rough, only human not fish. The life size sculptures were a monument to our gay men and women....the sculpted figures were seated and standing....mingling  with everyone on a warm spring day.

Gelato  what could be more perfect? We yearned for some coconut gelato, but  the lines were a bit off-putting. We opted out and headed for a bakery where we enjoyed creamed squash soup, a turkey sandwich and turkey quiche! 

Before heading home,  we desired to look for something very special for the Princess.

Don't you think this is perfect? Why, every Princess  should have jewels fit for a queen.


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  1. Wow, terrific weather! Wish we were there! Mateo


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