Ms. Furilla's Invitation

Ms. Furilla, extended an invitation for us to come and visit her in New York City. 
Now that is a welcome invitation. Our home was sitting idly on the home market, taxes had been filed, paintings taken to a gallery;  what better way to use our new found time than to visit with Ms. Furilla, New York City, Princess.

Upon arrival she purred a welcome to her NYC pent house. She posed, strolled saucily past; but  was she subtly asking us if she could pose for a few photos. Happy to oblige. 

This is her regal pose, she knows she is a Princess!  The little striped stocking in the background belongs to her companion  H. entertains her royally, and loves to snuggle and cuddle and pull her royal tail.

 Ms. Furilla loves to not only have HER  portrait taken, under kind lights, please, but also loves to see the sights of New York on the BIG SCREEN, ahem THE blog.

Again happy to oblige, here are a few of our first glimpses of New York, on a warmish day....we were dressed for Maryland's  cold weather in sweaters, jackets and jeans while many New Yorkers non-nonchalantly walked the streets  in shorts, short sleeves and the accoutrement ipod dangling from their ears!!! 

Okay, Ms. Furilla, Princess of New York City this is all for you.

Not wanting to leave the company of Ms. Furilla for too long, we took a little stroll. 

Spring time blossoms everywhere. And bouquets of PUSSY WILLOWS for Princess Furilla.

Don't you  love it, a few steps away is an ARTS SCHOOL for young and old alike. Shakespeare, writing, acting, you name it. Love the colorful Easter egg motifs painted at the bottom of the windows. This art exhibit was of 'psycho-metaphysical ' paintings.  Not sure what that means.

Have you ever been in a full city block size Whole Foods? The entrance is the size of our local grocery store back home!!
We were LOST in a maze of color, smells and textures after passing two aisles. We felt like we had fallen down Alice's hole into Wonderland.
Note the tawny eggs all delightfully tucked into a bed of straw.....the peppers with little green stems all pointing out, begging to be picked up, and miles of fresh fruit. 

But we were on a mission to find something delectable for Ms. Furilla

Bacalta Salted Cod?  Frankly I thought someone had cleverly dipped a whole fish into plaster Paris...couldn't resist touching it. Yes it felt like plaster Paris. No this wouldn't do, The Princess enjoys only soft foods. So looking further....

This is just what a Princess would love, two huge aisles of beautifully displayed FRESH fish. Every swimmy fish  one could dream of ever eating. 

Turning the corner we felt  we had stumbled upon a Provence market. Olives of every possible type, flavor, color, texture, saltiness and pungency...forget the fish this salty snack was perfect. Who could not photograph such a delectable treat UNLESS IT WERE FOR...................

Howard knew we really were lost in Alice's world, as he stood, stared, indecisive as to what could be the best treat possible???????

The neighborhood HOT DOG STAND !!!!!!!
Until the next adventure
bon appetit

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  1. Hey you two hip and chic New York adventurers. Have a great time and do take care of Princess! Mateo


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