A Place for Imagination

 Where in the WORLD did these paintings come from?

There is another MAGICAL arena for painting. It comes straight from the IMAGINATION of the artist. It is a wonderful place to be; floating around ideas, scooting through random thoughts, bumping into mental images, long forgotten memories of travels, kooky ideas and NO BOUNDARIES!  It just happens.

It seems the more complicated life gets, the more I dip into my IMAGINATION and come up with all sorts of ideas. Some are mediocre, some are good and some are really terrific. The TERRIFIC ones put a huge smile on my face.

When Imaginative painting bubbles up from some corner of my mind it is usually painted quickly in ACRYLIC.  I love oil, but I also REVEL in high quality  acrylic, with its smooth texture, brilliant colors and quick dry-ability.   Can't beat it. 

So for today, I leave you with a few paintings that will hopefully put a smile on your face and add a little cheer.

Where will your Imagination take you today? Maybe a doodle on a phone page; a new set of markers; drawing little icons on your calendar; pulling out a coloring book from your children's stash and coloring outside the lines?
  Maybe you will choose to wear a dashing bow tie; a colorful silk scarf around your hair; ten bracelets more or less; bright red lip stick.......it is all inside you. Have fun exploring!
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