A Tribute to Women Everywhere.

 The Magical First Years

Smooth as duckling's down

Waxy from purple peeled-paper crayons

Stuck fingers mucky thick with Elmer's.

Moving Into Adulthood

Wet licked fingers zipping homework pages

Knuckles white as pearls gripping steering wheel

Spending first pay check earned

Caressing a secret love's face.

 The Becoming Years

White veil placed by trembling fingers

Watery-wrinkles soaping dinner dishes

Walking life's path, hand in hand.


Tenderly caressing swollen belly

Cradling a downy head

Feeling a raging fever.

 The Best Years By Far

Throwing crazy balls, sewing frilly frocks

Signing streams of school reports

Wiping tear-stained faces flushed in pain.

The Ebbing Years

Waving goodbye, first-born leaves

Waving hello, longed for company

Sheltering shoulders in great sorrow.

 What It Is All About

Compassionate wrinkles born of service

Aging pigment, mementos of

One's life passing on to another.

These are a Mother's Hands

 Praying for All Mothers Wherever They May Be



  1. Sharon, this is beautiful. I love how you separated the stages of life and how you described each one. The photos all go along with the words wonderfully. My favorite photo is the one of your hand on top of your mother's hands. What a treasure to have and remember the hands that raised you. This is a lovely lovely post!

  2. Sharon, this is beautiful. It has touched me to tears! You are just as much an artist with your words as you are with your brush. truly! Your imagery is perfect and so real. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us through your blog. You are such an inspiring woman and you are such a blessing in my life.


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