Blue's Break

Life has been interesting! The never ending WORK involved in moving to another state has tossed my mind into a noodle-like state. So what is a girl to do to unscramble her numbed head and aching back?

The thought filtered through like butter dripping down pasta: how about taking a BLUE'S BREAK

 Before taking a break a deadline loomed to complete a painting that was making me pucker with Lemon Power!

Okay, that accomplished, now how about a  trip  to the BLUE OCEAN with some dear FRIENDS?

Relax, sit back in my BLUE chair and enjoy a little photo-book journey in BLUE.

We were more than happy to go to the Eastern Shores of Delaware to join up with Dale and Steve.
Piling into one car we headed to where the BLUE WAVES dance a wild tango, the dolphins dip and dive and show off their skills, and one might perchance find a delicate seashell as a souvenir.

On our picturesque drive we passed a delightful DAIRY farm, where the happiest COWS  make the BEST ICE CREAM ever.

While we slurped our ice cream, mine was COCONUT !!! YUM!!! we wandered about with the kiddies, all "ifty-hundred" of them.


And what did we  see:

Are you kidding me BLUESY PIGS?

Well here is a sensible friend, probably thirsty from all those ice cream cones tossed her way!

This cool  Dude in BLUE, was just waiting for someone to stop by for a chat and caress  his black furry friend.


Can you guess what is causing such a STIR and EXCITEMENT?


Sweet little Chickie's! The children were in AWE of the squiggling, peeping,  mounds of yellow down! The children politely took a turn to hold one of the precious little darlings. You couldn't hear a PEEP they were so mystified.

Seems only fitting to say our proper GOOD BYES to those lovely cows who make this all possible.

Next time I will get BLUEBERRY ice cream!!


Off to the beach. Remember building sand castles in the air when you were a wee lad or lassie?


Here we are soaking up the RAYS, peering at the OCEAN. And me

Well, I am blowing in the wind.

All this sitting around counting the dolphins and the waves
makes one hungry.

Dale brought the PERFECT PICNIC for a BLUESY DAY!
She packaged individual forks and perky napkins in a little baggie.
Then came the best IDEA and the bestest FOOD ever!

Individual containers of yummy CHICKEN SALAD and HOMEMADE bread!
It was sad when the last crumb of bread had wiped up the last vestige of salad..what a culinary memory.


All good things come to an end. Or do they? We drove back to Steve and Dale's new home on a HUGE BLUE pond full of dancing green waterlilies.

Every morning from their bedroom window they see the BLUE and GREEN of this magnificent pond--mini lake.


And petite, sweet, succulent STRAWBERRIES top their morning cereal.

We waved white hankies out the car windows (our FURNER goodbye) until we drove out of sight, but never out of mind.

It was a TRUE BLUE day!

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  1. Wow! I love the painting. Blue and yellow are one of my favorite color combinations. I'm glad you could get away. THere is not much else better than a good beach day unless you combine it with yummy ice cream and a good picnic. I love coconut too!


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